Lawn Fertilization

Fertilizer increases the growth rate of your plants, promotes better health for your lawn and also wakes up the dormant grass so that it can begin to flourish with the warmer weather.  Prestige Lawn offers a simple solution to your lawn’s fertilizer needs with a program that consists of 6 essential treatments.  Prestige Lawn Care’s licensed and highly trained fertilizer technicians will respond to your lawn’s needs with the highest quality of service.  We provide a combination of weed control and fertilization treatments designed to target every lawn care issue.  This careful attention to your property means that you will enjoy a greener, weed-free lawn! 

Prestige Lawn Care Fertilizer Program (6 essential treatments):

  1. (Early Spring)  Fertilize and apply pre-emergent (includes crab grass preventive and broadleaf weed control when necessary)
  2. (Spring)  Broadleaf weed control application
  3. (Late Spring) 2nd preventative treatment application for crabgrass plus fertilizer
  4. (Summer) Grub control and surface insect treatment
  5. (Summer) Summer fertilizer application
  6. (Fall) Fall fertilizer application to enhance growth and build root system (spot treatment where necessary)

Additional Services Available (Highly Recommended)

  • Flea and Tick Control (season long protection)
  • Lime (balance pH in soil to allow for optimum nutrient uptake)
  • Winterizer (improves the root system in your lawn),
  • Core Aeration (reduces compaction and improves water and fertilizer uptake for healthier lawn)
  • Overseeding (provides newer seed into lawn to help turf resist insects, disease and drought)


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