Lawn & Property Maintenance

Prestige Lawn Care is dedicated to making the maintenance of your lawn and property as worry-free as possible.  Instead of spending hours mowing, trimming and weeding, we do it for you!  Using our services give you more time to spend on what you want to do!

Weekly Lawn Maintenance
Prestige Lawn Care offers flexible lawn maintenance services.  Customers can choose to have their lawn cut on a weekly or bi-weekly basis.  Our service includes a professional lawn cut in addition to weed whacking/edging and blowing off grass clippings from driveway, landscaped areas, etc.  If requested by the customer in drought-like conditions, we will reduce the frequency of lawn cuts. 

Spring/Fall Clean Up
When one of Prestige Lawn Care’s crews come out to do a spring or fall clean up, you can expect that your property will be treated as if it were their own.  All leaves, branches and other debris will be removed from lawn and mulch beds.   

Trimming and pruning should be done 1-2 times per year depending on type of shrub/tree.  The benefits of trimming/pruning include healthier plants, more flowers on plants, thicker & fuller foliage and keeping your shrubs/trees looking more attractive and at your desired size.  Prestige Lawn Care has specific trained staff members that understand how and when to prune your shrubs and trees.

Mulching & Edging
Aside from the beauty mulching adds to your landscape beds, it is a very important component in the health of your plants.  The importance of mulching is to make sure your plants retain the proper moisture in their roots.  Often times we will notice that there is too little or especially too much mulch applied.  Too much mulch can kill your plants and shrubs.  It can prevent the proper amount of oxygen to get to roots and basically suffocate your plants.  It can also cause mold to form due to excessive moisture which damages the root system of your plants.  The importance of edging is not only to make your beds look aesthetically pleasing, but also to retain water for your trees and plants and to prevent the run off of mulch into your lawn.  All of our edges are distinctively laid out and created by hand with a spade shovel.  Prestige Lawn Care will evaluate your beds and make appropriate recommendations. 


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